Photo by Duy Ho | http://duyhophotography.com

Dancers (L to R) Elise Johnson, Becky Bearse (beBE) and Jessica Stucke performing beBE dance’s newest work Bashert at RAW Verse at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, CA/July 2017. (Photo Courtesy of Duy Ho)


  • OCTOBER 2: beBE is excited to return to her roots in Concord, Massachusetts to teach advanced fusion workshops at Concord Academy.
  • MAY/JULY: After many months in the studio, beBE dance was proud to present her newest work, Bashert, to packed crowds in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Check out the full piece on Vimeo today!
  • AUGUST: beBE dance was honored to sit down with Danzia and share her story as this month’s featured dancer and artist. Read this exclusive interview to learn more.

Dear Readers,

It is with excitement that I welcome you to the home of Becky Bearse (beBE) dance. Resident Artist at Sunset Movement Arts, I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to create, explore and play with movement on a daily basis.

As you explore my site, I invite you to sit back, dream and imagine as images jump and dancers leap across the screen, fulfilling my heart, and hopefully yours too, with the passion that is beBE dance…where heART meets movement.

With love,

becky BEarse
Artistic Director & Choreographer
beBE dance

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