Dancers: Becky Bearse, Jessica Stucke, Elise Johnson
Music: minipops 67 & Flaphead by Aphex Twin, mixed by Aaron Arredondo Videography: John Pham

Dancer: Becky Bearse  Music: V. Thunders and Lightnings performed and composed by Ezio Bosso & Ezio Bosso Trio

Dancer: Janesta Edmonds  Music: The Way of 1000 and One Comet: V1 Presto performed by The Turin String Quartet Composer: Ezio Bosso

Dancers: Janesta Edmonds, Amanda Crawford & Kim Petersen  Music: Oya, Drums of Passion performed by Babtunde Olatunji

Dancer: Janesta Edmonds  Music: The Sun Rising (Pete Gooding Remix) by The Normalites

Dancers: Becky Bearse, Jessica Stucke, Elise Johnson & Erin McLaughlin  Music: Norrie Taylor, Attack Decay Sustain Release Videography: John Pham